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A colleague jokingly asked me how I manage to live alone, and how I’ve continued to do so, especially during the pandemic.

“Doesn’t it get lonely?”

I think they were confusing being alone with loneliness. People often tend to mix the two.

I’m usually alone, but I wouldn’t say I’m lonely. In fact, it doesn’t bother me at all.

I’m the most productive when I’m alone. People in my line of work are expected to collaborate. I lean towards the opposite. I produce my best work being locked away in a dark room. Sounds sort of grim, but that’s actually my current setup: I live in a 100m2, dimly-lit studio apartment.

When I’m alone, I get to daydream, plan ahead, and reflect on things. I get to ask myself questions out loud without the risk of outside bias.

When I’m alone, I allow myself to move with a certain sense of urgency.