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Don’t worry, I’ll read it

205 words by Kunall Banerjee

I’ve been reading Manu’s blog for quite some time. Earlier in March, he wrote a blog post where he mentions:

If you decide to start a blog in either English or Italian, I’ll read it. I don’t care about the topic. Start a blog, write something, send it to me, and I’ll read it. And you’ll have your first reader. If you add an RSS feed to your blog, I’ll add you to my reading list, and I’ll keep reading what you post.

You should, too. When you do, send it to me. I’ll read it, no matter the topic. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a line, or two. It doesn’t matter if it’s a rant. It doesn’t matter if it’s something personal (or not), or if it’s about an experience you had and you want to share with the rest of the world: I’ll read it. If you have an RSS feed, I’ll add you to my reading list. Want me to proof-read your draft before you publish it? I’m happy to do so, as long as its written in English.

Document your journey. Narrate your journey. But most importantly, share your journey. Your story is valuable. Maybe you don’t see it (yet). So let others.